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Concussions, by the New Book

For decades in the N.F.L., the operative term for the situation was that someone “got dinged.” It was a cute, almost harmless-sounding description of what was often a concussion or a worrying subconcussive blow to the head.

But with the N.F.L. agreeing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit brought by about 5,000 former players who said the league hid from them the dangers of repeated hits to the head, a backpedaling league has corrected its lingo and hastily amended its methodology. The N.F.L. now has a concussion management protocol, outlined in an inches-thick document that commands teams to institute a specific, detailed game-day and postconcussion course of action.

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Coaches sign pledge for player safety

Lawmakers in every state have passed legislation dealing with concussions. Now, coaches are taking it upon themselves to tackling the issue of sports related injuries.

Some coaches who work with children from grade school to college are signing a pledge, committing to the health and safety of their players.

Concussions are the biggest concern. If not handled properly, lives are at stake.

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Football concussions: Amid the fear, UGA research brings some hope

While most concussion research focuses on college and professional players or young children, a team of neuroscientists at the University of Georgia is tackling an often overlooked cohort of athletes.

The average Joes are middle-aged men who played football, but not in any kind of national spotlight. They suffered concussions during their glory days on the high school gridiron.

Each participant underwent an fMRI scan, which measures brain activity by detecting changes in blood flow within the brain. An image of the brain appears on the computer screen, and as the volunteer performs various mental tasks, different regions light up to different degrees, representing activity in those areas.

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ConcussionWise Instructor Orientation Now Available via Live Webinar

CW-Live-2014                 CW-Instructor

Sport Safety International is proud to announce the launch of
ConcussionWise™ Live, and the ConcussionWise™ Instructor Orientation Program via Live Webinar

Having educated over 110,000 people from 23 countries in over 130,000 online courses, Sport Safety International is a proven leader in concussion education for coaches, parents, athletes, and health care providers.  After numerous requests, Sport Safety International is proud to offer the ConcussionWise™ course content in a live format, as well as an instructor program designed to train individuals to present the ConcusisonWise™ Live course.  The first orientation program will be held December 4th, 2014 at 8pm EST.

What are the benefits of providing concussion education using ConcussionWise™?

  • Video/interactive format:  ConcussionWise™ Instructors use the ConcussionWise™ video/interactive presentation, which ensures all participants receive consistent and correct information.
  • Based on the latest recommendations: ConcussionWise™ Live is based on the latest recommendations on concussion prevention and management, and is consistent with the following authoritative sources:
    • 2012 Zurich Consensus Statement on in Sport
    • 2013 American Academy of Neurology Position Statement on Sports Concussion
    • 2013 American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Position Statement on Concussion in Sport
    • 2014 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement on the Management of Sport Concussion
    • ConcussionWise™ also contains resource information on concussion laws from all 50 states.
  • Reinforce information after the course: Participants will be able to review content presented in the live course at any time by logging into their personal account at Sport Safety International’s Online Learning Academy.
  • Completion certificates: All participants receive completion certificates upon successful completion of the course, which are available for printing at any time in the participant’s Online Learning Academy account.
  • Online course registration system: ConcussionWise™ Instructors can use the Online Learning Academy’s registration system to have attendees register online prior to the course.
  • Easily track concussion education and renewal: Coaches who successfully complete ConcussionWise™ Live will be automatically be listed in the ConcussionWise™ Registry. Administrators can use ConcussionWise™ Live courses in combination with the ConcussionWise™ Education Manager service to track completion and renewal information.

Frequently Asked Questions – ConcussionWise Live

Frequently Asked Questions – ConcussionWise Instructor

The ConcussionWise™ Instructor Program Orientation can now be completed via live webinar and online activities.  The first webinar will be held on December 4th, 2014 at 8pm EST.  Additional dates are also available.

Registration is now open, and space is limited.  Reserve your spot today!



College Players Often Don’t Tell of Hits to Head, Studies Find

The controversy over why Michigan quarterback Shane Morris was allowed to return to the field with a “probable mild concussion” from a violent hit last Saturday highlighted a communications breakdown on the Wolverines’ sideline. But it also pointed to the inconsistent ways in which coaches and players acknowledge hits to the head — if they acknowledge them at all.

Three studies published in the past few weeks have offered more insight into that issue, concluding that the self-reporting of concussions by college players varies by position, with offensive linemen the least likely to report concussions and less significant hits to the head.

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Sport Safety International Launches Concussion Instructor Program

WAYNE, NJ – Having educated over 93,000 people from 23 countries in over 120,000 online sport safety courses since 2011, Sport Safety International announced today that it has launched a new initiative that a will arm those who provide concussion education with new tools to get the job done.

The Concussion Wise ™ Instructor program the first comprehensive, nationally standardized concussion education program in the United States that is specifically designed to prepare instructors to educate coaches, parents and athletes about the prevention and initial care of sports related concussion.

“There is an overabundance of informational material available in print and online regarding concussion prevention and management.” says Dr. Robb Rehberg, co-founder of Sport Safety International and creator of the ConcussionWise program. “However, to date there are no standardized programs designed to prepare those responsible for educating coaches, parents, and athletes that ensure current, accurate and consistent information is being used.” Rehberg says all Concussion Wise ™ courses are based on the latest recommendations and guidelines, including those developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, National Athletic Trainers’ Association, American Academy of Neurology, and the recommendations from the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport (Zurich 2012).

Think CPR training, but for Concussion
Rehberg sees many parallels between concussion education and early CPR education, citing that concussion management and CPR are both based on universally accepted recommendations and guidelines that are reviewed periodically by experts, and updated based on the latest research. “For over 40 years, the delivery of standardized, consistent education how to respond to a cardiac emergency has been delivered quite effectively through standardized education programs delivered by trained CPR instructors, and as a result, many lives have been saved.” Rehberg says. What we’ve done is taken the CPR instructor model and used it to create a program through which instructors can offer standardized concussion education without having to piece together a course on their own. We believe this result will be course participants who are better prepared to prevent, recognize, and provide initial care for athletes suffering from concussion. Think CPR training, but for concussion prevention and management.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 173,285 sports and recreation related traumatic brain injuries sustained by children and adolescents are treated in emergency departments in the United States each year. In response to the growing concern over concussion in youth athletes, laws designed to help prevent and properly manage sports related concussions have been enacted in all 50 states. Education of coaches, parents, athletes and coaches is an important component of the laws. The concern over concussions prompted President Obama to hold a summit on sports safety and concussions at the White House late last month.
Rehberg says that after successfully completing the instructor program, Concussion Wise ™ Instructors are authorized to teach using the Concussion Wise ™ Live video and presentation materials, which are based on the organization’s popular online courses of the same name. Additionally, all course participants receive a certificate of completion. Coaches who complete the program are also eligible to be listed on the Concussion Wise ™ Registry, an online searchable database of coaches who are Concussion Wise ™ trained.

The first Concussion Wise ™ Instructor program will be held on June 23 in Indianapolis, the site of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association 65th Clinical Symposia and AT Expo. For more information on the Concussion Wise ™ Instructor program, visit .

Ex-Football player Sues Bishop’s University in a Concussion Lawsuit

symptoms of a concussion during the Canadian Interuniversity Sport football game between the Gaiters and the Concordia Stingers on September 10, 2011. …read more

Via: <a href= target=_blank title="Ex-Football player Sues Bishop's University in a Concussion Lawsuit” >Ex-Football player Sues Bishop’s University in a Concussion Lawsuit

New rules on sports concussions

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a blow, bump or jolt to the head. It can occur in any sport or recreational activity. According to the Centers for Disease …read more

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How can we convince athletes to report concussion symptoms?

Even the NFL has conceded that concussions can lead to long-term, serious …. The Center For Sport Psychology in Phila., Sports Psychology Consultant – 76ers …read more

Via: <a href= target=_blank title="How can we convince athletes to report concussion symptoms?”>How can we convince athletes to report concussion symptoms?

NFL Settles Concussion Lawsuit is reporting that the NFL and more than 4,500 former players want to resolve concussion-related lawsuits with a $765 million settlement that would fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation and medical research, a federal judge said Thursday.

The plaintiffs include at least 10 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as the family of Pro Bowl linebacker Junior Seau, who committed suicide last year.

Court appointed mediator Judge Layn Phillips stated: “This is a historic agreement, one that will make sure that former NFL players who need and deserve compensation will receive it, and that will promote safety for players at all levels of football.”

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