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U of A research leads to enhanced CFL concussion guidelines

By Medical Xpress Research from the University of Alberta shows CFL players are more likely to value medical tests after concussions compared to …read more

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Shumlin signs Vt. concussion bill into law

By San Francisco Chronicle The Burlington Free Press reports ( in the meantime, a task force will study concussion data from Vermont school sporting …read more

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Shumlin signs Vermont concussion bill into law

By Brattleboro Reformer Athletic trainers must be present at ice hockey, football, lacrosse and wrestling events. That mandate takes effect July 1, 2015. …read more

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Fighting the concussion battle

By The new restrictions will help protect students in the long run, said Colin O'Meara, 18, a senior at Montpelier High …read more

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Player safety: NCAA should go all-in to protect defenseless players

By They'll tell you it's about player safety. The reality is, it's about reacting to the latest—and greatest—squeaky wheel. Because if …read more

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Shumlin to sign law on concussions in school sports

By Rutland Herald part of the bill, which requires a certified athletic trainer or other health care provider who has been certified …read more

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Concussions have received a lot of attention in the news recently. It seems we can’t open up a newspaper or watch a news broadcast without hearing about concussions in sports, and how dangerous playing with a concussion can be. In fact, most states now have laws addressing concussion prevention and management.  Although some might dismiss these reports as media hype, a concussion is a serious injury that is finally getting the attention it deserves.

It is important for all members of the ‘concussion management team, including coaches, athletes, school administrators, physicians, athletic trainers, and other health care providers, to understand what a concussion is, as well as how to prevent, recognize, and manage concussions.
Enter Concussion Wise: a series of quality online education programs designed to provide the most up-to-date information regarding concussion prevention, recognition, care and recovery.  The following ConcussionWise courses are currently available:

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Several state laws, and countless school and league policies now require proof of concussion education for coaches, parents and athletes.  How does your system stack up?  Avoid the hassle of collecting individual certificates with Sport Safety Manager.  Combined with Sport Safety International’s Concussion Wise education programs, you can ensure everyone in your program receives the same education, monitor course progress, and verify completion.  For more information, click here.

Sporting head injury awareness being led by Coffs professor

A COFFS Harbour professor is leading the way in teaching NSW school kids about the dangers of head injuries in …read more

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