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National Athletic Trainers’ Association Reiterates Dangers of Football Helmet-to-Helmet Contact

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association released a statement Wednesday to reiterate the dangers of helmet-to-helmet contact in football and called for crown of the helmet violations to be called consistently at all levels of the game.

Now is a good time to review the NATA recommendations, especially after the death Friday night of a 16 year old football player in western New York after what was described in local reports as “a helmet-to-helmet hit” during a high school football game. The player lost consciousness after the play and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The NFL, NCAA and National Federation of State High School Associations have each studied head and neck injuries and generated rules to try to cut down on top-of-the-head contact in football. Resulting injuries have come under increased scrutiny with the recent focus on limiting concussions, but any contact to the head and neck area can result in catastrophic injuries.

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