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NFL pushing legislation to overhaul concussion protocol for youth sports

Legislation for federal funding to help protect student athletes from concussions got the National Football League’s backing Monday in the shadow of the stadium where the Super Bowl will be played this weekend.

NFL Senior Vice President Adolpho Birch joined two New Jersey lawmakers in support of legislation drafted following the 2008 death of a New Jersey high school football player.

The proposal by Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Bill Pascrell involves national concussion guidelines currently under development for schools and youth sport programs by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The legislation would authorize a 5-year grant program to bring those guidelines to school sports programs nationwide.

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Sports and concussions: should we worry?

“It felt like my brain was floating on a cloud inside my head,” Nic Latham says, a former Denison student athlete who had to be excused from playing due to excessive head trauma from lacrosse.

For the amount of talk that goes into head injuries causing memory loss, the first concussion seems to stick in the brains of the affected like superglue.

Latham, the former midfielder and a face-off specialist who earned all-state honors as a junior in high school, continues, “It was April 30, 2011. I was knocked out for 10-15 seconds or so and then was very dizzy. Once the adrenaline came down from playing, I got a pretty bad headache and whiplash to the point where I couldn’t move my neck for a week.”

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Professional Rugby Players to Undergo Concussion Training Program

All professional rugby union players and coaches in England will have compulsory education on concussion before the start of next season.

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Concussion Identification, Evaluation and Management: A Step-By-Step Process

Management of sport-related concussion involves a step-by-step process say three recently issued concussion guidelines:

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The concussion doctor’s connections

Learn more about Dr. Robert C. Cantu’s relationships and connections.

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Report calls for systematic testing after a concussion

Most research on concussions suffered by adolescent athletes has focused on when it is safe for them to return to the sport. But there’s another problem that requires more attention, according to a clinical report presented at the recent national conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Orlando.

“We focus so much on getting these kids back onto the field that we don’t always think about the challenges associated with getting back into the classroom,” said the lead author, Mark Halstead, an assistant professor of pediatrics and orthopedics at Washington University in St. Louis, and a sports medicine physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

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